Blazer: Forever 21, Tank: hand me down, Necklace: Forever 21
with an old pocket watch I added.


Creature Fear

Beret: Out of the Blue, Sweater: Joe, Dress: Urban Behavior,

Why cant there be more time in the day? Sometimes I think some people
secretly have extra time hidden away somewhere, and just wont share, ha. I wish.
Or maybe they are just super people.

I just cant get enough of Bon Iver. :)

I was full by your count
I was lost but your fool
Was a long visit wrong?
Say you are the only



green shadow house

All photos from freshhome.com

Green Shadow House by Mastue Hayakusa

This work of architecture is truly something amazing to take in.
The outside elements of the home almost blend in with the forest,
and create unity with the surroudings. Although the lines and shapes
are different lenghts and sizes, there is no clutter in this design, but simply
great balance between the home and what surrounds it. I think
my favorite part of this design is the staircase that sits within the 

This simply makes me want to have a home surrounded in green.
I love forests of redwoods and spruce trees.

More about the Green Shadow House at   FRESH HOME

always the summers are slipping away

I was shown this song by someone great. I never gave it 
the time of day before, I do not know why, because I am in love with it.


  I'm dying of love. It's ok.