Top: Winners (Ali & Kris), Necklace: Charlotte Russe, Skirt: Forever 21,
                   Stockings: American Apparel.       

It does definatly not feel like autumn weather outside, but that's alright with me!
I'm trying to enjoy the warm days lately, although there isn't much time with 
proposals and essays and tests, I think it would be fun to go for a picnic,
or just for a nice walk at a park :)

Well tons and tons of homework awaits.
Until next time :)


we'll never bloom again.

This is my post from Chictopia today!:

Style varies from person to person, just like personalities do… I love to look around my room, or step outside and choose a color I can play with. There’s a chestnut tree in my backyard, and the leaves are a gorgeous orangey/yellow. The gold toque brings this whole outfit together! The colors and textures of autumn are brought to life… and that is why I love fashion, it’s so easy to play with. You can layer pieces, pick an accent color, or texture and play! It’s so fun! :)


    Toque: American Apparel, Tank: Urban Behavior, Cardigan: Urban Behavior,
Shorts: Volcom, Thigh High Stockings: American Apparel, Leg Warmers: H&M, 
                               Boots: Diba                         

 I am starting to get busy with alot of assignments, and tests, so I don't know how
much time I will have to post on here, but I'm going to try my best! It was such a nice
day out today, I love autumn! Especially when its not too cold out yet, and the
leaves are just beginning to change into all sorts of  beautiful colours. :)           

I came across this song by the Perishers the other day, and I
adore it. There is such beauty and sadness, its sublime.



red red wine.

Top: Element, Cowl Scarf: Heritage 1981, Sweater: Winners,
Belt: Mom's, Skirt: Charlotte Russe, Tights: Forever 21, 
Knee High Socks: H&M, Shoes: Blowfish.

So this is my first outfit post! I hope im doing it right, I'm not
to sure on how to pose in pictures like this, but I will try out a few
different things ha. I uploaded alot of pictures as well, but im just 
super excited to finally post an outfit to my blog :)  

red red wine, stay close to me


she's out there somewhere now.

Oh how I've missed Jeff Buckley... I haven t listened 
to his music in quite some time. This used to
be my favorite.


 So it is past 1:00 AM ha, but for some reason I
just cannot seem to fall asleep.



can i get to your soul.

This year in University, I feel like im lacking in courses that get me thinking
creatively. In the past two years, I've had my basic Environmental Design
courses, and my Math in Art, and it kept me quite busy in terms of
ideas flowing though my mind, drawing, painting and what not. I enjoyed most
of the projects that had been assigned. This year on the other hand is just Philosophy,
Psychology, and then I've got my three Anthropology courses.
I feel like doing some kind of project, maybe I will design something.
I feel creative lately :)

 Walnut Caster Table by Realwoodworks1 
(can be purchased on Etsy)
What a cool looking table, yes just a tree stump, but nonetheless
really unique. :)

Oh, and just a quote i found today, quite insightful...
"There is no present, we live simultaneously in past and future, 
the future through intention, the past through regret or gratification."



Edward Maya & Mia Martina- Stereo Love

This song reminds me so much of Croatia. I think it's the accordian,
but you dont see it being used alot in mainstream music these days.
Either way, this song keeps playing over and over again in my head,
I thought i would share. :)



what if.

Farnsworth House (1951) - Mies Van Der Rohe

 I wanted to create a place where i could escape to and where I could
      share my love for creativity. I figured a blog would be a great way to do 
just that. So just a little about myself:
I am currently studying at the University of Manitoba, and I am registered
in the Faculty of Arts. My goal is to get into the Faculty of Architecture next year
so I can begin to create and explore new ideas in design and the world. Im really 
interested in using biodegradable materials, I like to do what I can, to help
our environment, so the way i see it; if we have the resources available, then why not
use them in the most sustainable way!